Available to Robert Half and Protiviti employees and Full-Time Engagement Professionals — refer to your benefits guide for the plans available to you.

You have two plan options through Delta Dental to help you pay for routine preventive and other dental care for you and your family.

Find an In-Network Dentist

When you use in-network dentists, you will pay fewer out-of-pocket expenses and benefit from discounted rates. To search for dentists in the Delta Dental PPO network, go to Delta Dental.


Coverage Details

Below is a snapshot of the dental plan benefits and your out-of-pocket costs.

Benefits Delta Dental Enhanced Plan Delta Dental Standard Plan
  In-Network and Out-of-Network In-Network and Out-of-Network
Calendar-year deductible
Individual $50 $50
Family $150 $150
Calendar-year maximum $2,000 per person $1,500 per person
Preventive services* No charge No charge
Basic services You pay 20% after the deductible You pay 20% after the deductible
Services You pay 50% after the deductible Not covered
Lifetime maximum $2,500 per person Not covered
Eligibility Up to age 19 Not covered

* Preventive services apply toward the calendar-year maximum.